Your Contract

The contract with simply means that to accept the terms and conditions on booking for yourself or accepting them on your party's behalf is totally up to you. Even as we send a confirmation bill your contract with us will be feasible. English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts govern it all. The booking conditions that have certain terms, your contract is made on them. If someone wants this then law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland can be approached if you reside there.


We are responsible to let you know on time the time of booking. This is because mostly the charges should be fully paid even before the issuing of the bill or e-tickets. You must notice and make sure the on-time payments because if you do not do so then not only your flights can be cancelled but also you can be made to pay the cancellation charges. Because of the imposition of surcharges of fuel or others, booking price can be increased if you do not clear full payment. Imposition is totally by suppliers. In case of any hindrance or problem regarding payment from your side or we have needed your verification, we would not be able to say nothing for sure about your booking price.


Unless specified, the tickets once issued can neither be changed nor transferred. They cannot be refunded without specifying otherwise. Unless specified as a written proof, after issuance there is no way to get even a small amount of cost back, it is for all sorts of passengers and those of tickets.