Here is to make sure that we protect your privacy and what we do for it is: Our website can make a contact with you to clearly ask for the information for your personal verification. Any time we want to get you identified we can ask for your personal information. This information will strictly be protected without making it known to any third person.
There are the promotional e-mails sent to you for our company. You may receive e-mail newsletters in case you have subscribed to our website. These newsletters can be stopped if you do not want to receive them anymore. For doing so you need to unsubscribe which can be reached through the link we provide with every e-mail.
Your information that is otherwise kept well, can be revealed if there is requirement of doing so either by law or when it is important to do so just in order to (a) do any legal procedure or go according to law of the cuntry, (b) make the property rights of secure (c) secure and defend the personal safety of the users, those of site or the public when there is urgent need or demand to do it. If our users think that the rules determined by the site are not being followed fully or correctly then make an immediate contact with us and we will rectify the problem.
We are responsible to protect your personal information and make sure that the wrongful disclosure is not made at any point. Your information is needed to be given to suppliers like hotels, transport companies and airlines or it can be given to security companies, customs and immigration etc. It must be noticed that this is done when it is legal and legitimate and when these mentioned authorities have demand or urgent need to get your personal information.
As we are acutely aware of the fact that your information is valuable and should not be passed on to the person who has nothing to do with your arrangements we do it very well. There can be a case if your holidays are not in European Economic Area (EEA) then we cannot guarantee as much protection to it as in this country. Because it would be very necessary to give your information to those suppliers outside the England that can be about disabilities or requirements regarding your diet or religion, we will take your permission first.